Current Film Projects


Written by Tony Bullis

One year after the death of her father, Jana Davies travels to a picturesque summer house located on a vineyard. Jana’s family gather at the vineyard to host a wedding where she forced to confront the overwhelming guilt she feels over her father’s passing. A malevolent spirit haunts the house and threatens her entire family.


Designed by Matt Heisler & Tony Bullis
Created by Matt Heisler

Love in Las Vegas

A Punjabi Love Story

Written by: Ray Cheema

Story by: Rajan Paul

Log Line: A traditional man from India, Sunny, gets hoaxed into marrying Vancouver girl, Sonia. Struggling to adapt to the western society, Sunny gets thrown into Las Vegas for a bachelor party and the time of his life.

Hell Mary

She’s not just an urban Legend.

Synopsis coming soon.

Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary!