Rajan Paul
Producer, Writer & Director.
Film & Television, Theater & Music Management
A graduate of Vancouver Film School

Rajan has demonstrated talents as a Screenwriter, Director & Producer for film and television. Also laid a role as management in the West coast music scene Rajan Paul is an accomplished film and television producer whose numerous credits include theatre productions, short films. Rajan is one of the West Coast’s entertainment industry’s rising filmmakers. Rajan is a producer and director with more then a dozen short films to his credit he as established him self one of Hollywood North’s premier filmmakers.

Troy Mason
Writer, Director & Producer.
Film & Television & Theater
A graduate of Vancouver Film School

Troy got his start with Winnipeg sketch comedy troop Squirm, performing throughout Manitoba, including the International Winnipeg Fringe Festival. From there Troy went on to be a stage actor and stage director and held an hour-long comedy show on University of Manitoba campus radio.

He is an Indy film maker, having written and produced a number of short films including Shuman’s Place for the Comedy Network and the crime drama Black Sunday. The Eye of the Storm, and the Underscore. He also has written T.V. spec scripts for shows such as, the Family Guy. He is involved with several feature film projects and continues to write screenplays.

Most recently, he co wrote the highly successful off Broadway musical Planet 5.